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Thinking of visiting Los Angeles, California, are you? Well, you are definitely going to want to rent a car. Los Angeles is a city of cars… the “freeway culture” is an integral part of the city and one that unfortunately cannot be avoided. Still, Los Angeles has a lot to offer, and the best way to get anywhere is to take a car. You will enjoy freedom, comfort, and convenience in your travels that you would not if you were relying on public transportation or taxis.

The first thing to do is research car rentals in Los Angeles before you even leave on your trip. The internet is your number one best research tool to discover the best (by that I mean lowest) prices, and any possible deals. But that is not your only option: calling travel agencies, car rental companies, or car rental wholesalers can also net you some current information that has not hit the internet yet.

I always suggest booking in advance to get the best rates, but keep an open mind. You may find once you get closer to leaving for Los Angeles that companies desperate to rent out their idle inventory will offer deals better than you could have gotten in advance.

There are a number of local companies in and around Los Angeles that may offer better rates and deals than the big car rental companies, due to their flexibility and lack of other outlets to ship excess cars to. Some of these local companies in Los Angeles are: Beverly Hills Budget Car Rental, Beverly Hills Rent-A-Car, and Midway Car Rental. These all have multiple branches in the Los Angeles area and rent “exotics” as well as “normal” cars. Hey, it’s LA, why not live a little? zodiac signs elements

When you are doing your research, be sure to look into where you will pick up your car. Rentals originating at the airport are normally more expensive. On a recent trip I took to Burbank, I had the option of picking up my car at the Bob Hope airport in Burbank, but opted to walk about 10 blocks (which was fortunately in the same direction as my hotel) to the rental car location and pick my car up there. By doing that, I got the same car at a significant discount. It just takes some planning, or a short taxi ride.

Another consideration is where you will return the car. If you are going to be returning the car to a location different from where you rented, be sure to ask about that. Doing that can be more expensive, but it can also be cheaper. It depends on where the rental car company needs the car to end up.

Check with a variety of rental companies, both directly and through travel consolidation sites on the internet. Car rental is one area where it pays to shop around. The same car will be available at different times through different companies for very different amounts.

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