How to Tell Him You’re Pregnant – Creative Ways to Break the News

There are many emotions that rush through a woman when she finds out she is pregnant. To make this time even more exciting, there are fun ways to tell a husband. Many times the news can come as quite a welcomed shock, but it is important to heed with caution if the news is not something that will make your partner as excited. There are fun and creative ways that a mother to be can divulge the news. Many women wonder how to tell him that you’re pregnant. Below is a list of creative ways to tell the new father to be that he will be a daddy. International

  • Chinese Dinner and a Fortune Cookie – A fun way to tell a partner to that he will be a daddy is to take him on a surprise dinner date to a Chinese dinner. If dinner cannot be done out, this can also be arranged with take out at home or with homemade Chinese food. Dropping little hints along the way can add to the fun of this night. At the dessert time offer him a fortune cookie that is stuffed with the news “You’re Going to be a Daddy!”, and savor his reaction. This is how to tell him you’re pregnant.
  • Special Shirts – Making special matching shirts that say “New Mommy” and “New Daddy” can be a great way to let your partner know that he will be a daddy. This can be a fun way to break the news to him. A surprise that can make him just as excited can be a great way to introduce the news. Pop in to a room wearing the shirt, and see if he catches on. This can be a fun way for women who are wondering how to tell him that you’re pregnant.
  • Have a Bun in the Oven – Another great way to pop the news to the father to be is to have a bun in the oven waiting when he gets home. During casual conversation, refer to the bun in the oven frequently. Say, “I got his bun in the oven”. See how long it takes for him to catch on to the news. Try to keep a camera handy for when he finally gets it that this is his bun in the oven as well. This is how to tell him that you’re pregnant.
  • A Video Slide Show – Presenting a sentimental video slide show including baby pictures of the mother and father to be all the way up through their current life. This can create sentimental emotions that will only help to signify the moment when he finds out he will be a new daddy. He will remember this day forever. At the end of the slide show, making a breaking news presentation is how to tell him you’re pregnant. Many great memories can be made, and the slide show can continue on to include many new pictures of the pregnancy, and all of the new baby’s firsts.

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