OnePlus Nord CE Affordable Cheap Smartphone

With All the Latest Hardware and Software Features

One of the leading smartphones in the Android ecosystem, the OnePlus Nord CE is a high-end Android smartphone that comes packed with great features. It comes pre-installed with the operating system Ice Cream Sandwich, which offers users full control over the software, and comes pre-installed with many of Google’s standard apps, such as Google Maps. Users can also download their own apps from the Android Market to customize their experience further. The device also comes pre-equipped with Dual SIM cards, allowing it to support different connectivity options like GSM, CDMA, and UMTS. The company however, plans to expand its product lineup with more affordable handsets in the future. OnePlus Nord CE

One of the reasons why the company chose to launch the OnePlus Nord CE in Europe first is that it enjoys greater appeal among European consumers. Unlike many other smartphone devices, this handset is not only cheap but has a lot of features and capabilities that set it apart from the other offerings in the market. The phone comes equipped with an 8 megapixel camera, a 3000 mAH battery, and a microSD card which supports up to 64GB of storage capacity. This large storage space enables the user to store huge music collections, video clips and other large files. Users can also use the device to take their photos and videos with high definition clarity.

Another reason why the company decided to launch the phone in Europe first is that the price of the smartphone is attractive. The device is priced at just EUR 4.99 (USD) where it is competively priced against other smartphone models in the current smartphone market. It also offers users a generous loading of applications, which include Google Maps, Yahoo Messenger, Viber, Facebook, Twitter and many others. With these tools, users can access the internet on a smooth track as they never experience connectivity problems even when they are using their smartphones close to the wireless router. The company claims that the main features of the OnePaw are enhanced performance, long battery life, high-end internet browser, wide-screen real-screen media support, gesture based browsing, high-end visual processing unit, and infrared wake-up.

The company further states that the OnePaw has a consistent combination of features that allow users to enjoy the best of mobile technology without compromising on the quality. Apart from the above features, the company has also launched the OnePaw with the 6. 43-inch amoled screen and a pixel density of 4015 pixels per inch, which enables the user to enjoy excellent viewing experience. The display of the smartphone is also capable of functioning in dual modes, namely, normal and brightness mode. The symmetrical dual touch screen offers users an enhanced multi-tasking experience.

The symmetrical dual touchscreen feature of the smartphone further adds to its all round durability and reliability. The phone comes with a unique Oxygen Boost feature, which allows the Oxygen to reactivate the screen if it gets damaged or if there is a slight drop in the screen. This unique feature helps in reducing the stress on the screen as well as the user’s finger. The all-metal body of the OnePaw also ensures that the phone is shock resistant. Apart from these features, the affordable price tag, the attractive looks and the seamless connectivity make the smartphone a great buy for all devices.

The price point of this smartphone is quite affordable considering all the functionalities and advanced technology incorporated in the device. The device runs on the android operating system and offers a fully-customizable interface. The user can easily customize their settings using their own icons and themes and the system also includes a huge dialer which stores enormous numbers of phone numbers, email IDs and other contact details. The user can also download and install their own applications, which add to the functionality of the device. The default apps provided with the device include the like clock, contacts and messaging apps, but the user can install their own apps to customize the phone even more. The biggest selling point of this handset is that it has the best price point and all the high-end technologies, including the Oxygen Boost, ensure that the device offers high quality performance at an extremely affordable price point.

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